An event is on the calendar, and you want to make it absolutely spectacular. However, party rentals and supplies may be needed, and it is necessary to determine whether it is more prudent to purchase or rent what you need. Some guidelines to assist in determining this include the following :

If the article in question will only be needed one time or very rarely over the space of several months, renting may be the best option. It may not be financially feasible to buy an item that is used so infrequently, and renting is only a fraction of the price of a purchase.

How much an item costs for special events may also be a determining factor. Obviously, renting a photo booth for holiday office parties will be your best route to go as it is very expensive. Party rentals such as special lighting and AV equipment for corporate events are also better options as they can be quite costly.

How much storage space you have may also have an impact on your decision. If you are planning one of many corporate events and need several portable bars, it may be impossible to find a place to keep them until your next big event. Renting them will allow you to have the most attractive and versatile equipment without the worry of where to put them or how to transport them to storage when all the festivities are over.

Sometimes larger items needed for special events may be too complicated for the ordinary individual or group of employees to assemble or operate. Many special events need outdoor setups, and this may often include the use of a large tent. You may need to use tents often but they can be very difficult to assemble and put up. Other rentals such as LCD projectors, lighting, and even margarita machines can be too complex for some individuals to operate. A rental company will have the professionals necessary to handle situations such as these.

When items are rented, you are given the option to upgrade or downgrade as necessary. For example, you may be planning a wedding for 400 guests, but a few days before the event, bad weather forces all out-of-town guests to cancel. It just takes a phone call to let your vendor know you will not need so many tables and chairs, and the pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Using this criteria to decide whether or not to buy or rent articles for your special events will assist you every time you plan large or small functions. The more parties and events you are involved with, the more this will aid helping you make the right decisions. There are online resources available at Hart Entertainment, which may provide you with more information.