If you are looking for a unique tropical vacation where you can see the habitat of endangered species and enjoy interacting with animals, a Thailand vacation can offer these things and more. If you want a vacation that will provide you with sunshine and fun, spiritual insight and a chance to get in touch with nature, look at different Thailand vacation packages to see the different activities you can do. There so many different activities available, and you’ll be able to enjoy warm climates and great culture. Look into scheduling the following.

Animal Sanctuary Tours
You can go on animal sanctuary tour to see exotic and endangered animals like elephants, tigers, monkeys and other species. These sanctuaries are safe places where the animals can live, breed, and be cared for by humans in an attempt to preserve their species and ways of life. You can see the animal’s day to day activities, and with these Thailand tours you can understand how important it is to fund the efforts to keep these sanctuaries alive.
Spiritual Retreats
Schedule a spiritual retreat to clear the mind and to find inner peace. There are several places of worship where you can go and explore the rich history and culture of Thailand, and to witness spiritual services performed at local temples. These spiritual retreats offer some time to unwind during the vacation, so when you return home you feel mentally and physically rested.
Local Markets and Food Tasting
There is no better way to learn the culture and understand how the people in Thailand live than to go and shop at the same markets that the locals do, and to eat at the same venues. You can find a resort that will put you in the heart of a local town, so you can see the country as the locals see it every day. There are beachside restaurants, food trucks and several outdoor dining experiences to enjoy.
If you are looking for Thailand vacation packages that include all these things so you can truly explore the land and the country, you’ll want to be sure to plan the vacation in advance and find an agent that can help you book accordingly. Once you get into the country you’ll find there is so much more for you to explore and enjoy, so you’ll want to keep a few free days open just to lounge on the beach and wander. More resources are available at Tour East if you would like to learn more.