The Food and Drug Administration recently announced new regulations that went into effect in early August of 2016. These regulations essentially attempt to allow the FDA to enforce which products are available to those who prefer electronic cigarettes over standard tobacco cigarettes. Every product must now be approved and regulated by the FDA in order to be legally sold in a vape shop or other store that might supply electronic cigarettes or their components. The FDA claims these laws are meant to help prevent the devices from reaching the hands of children, however the vape industry has already created self-imposed regulations that adequately prevent anyone under the age of 18 from purchasing these devices. These regulations could have a severe impact on the e-cig market for both the United States and Canada.

What These New Regulations Mean

If these regulations aren’t changed and they are enforced to the fullest extent of the law, it could result in the closure of tens of thousands of vape shops across the United States. Vape shops themselves won’t just be affected, but manufacturers who can’t afford the insane $3-5 million price tag for FDA approval of a single product will be forced to close. Unless something drastic changes, the entire electronic cigarette industry in the United States and Canada could cease to function as it does now. The majority of the e-cigs sold in Canada are sourced from the United States since the devices are technically illegal in Canada. There is very little enforcement of that illegality, which is why so many Canadian stores sell these devices. Any regulations that prevent the United States from producing or manufacturing e-cigs will also affect the devices sold to Canada from the United States. A number of prominent brands that are popular in Canada may no longer be available in the coming years.

How Will This Affect Vape Users?

If these new regulations are followed to the letter, vape users from Canada or the US may find themselves without a supplier for their products, whether it be the electronic cigarettes themselves of the e-liquids that refill them when they are empty. If this comes to pass, it could mean that a multitude of vape users who have successfully transferred away from tobacco cigarettes will be forced to either quit nicotine altogether or return to tobacco cigarettes. Interestingly enough, these regulations could mean a major upswing in the recently deteriorating sales of the Big Tobacco companies. The very fact that this is a side-effect of these new regulations should throw up major red flags, especially since it has been scientifically proven that electronic cigarettes are 95 percent safer than tobacco cigarettes. Vape users should remain vigilante if they want to continue using their devices. For more information, visit the DashVapes website.