There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, and so little time to get everything together. A wedding planner must ensure that the venue itself looks beautiful, that the wedding party and guests are satisfied with the arrangements, and that everything in the ceremony and reception runs smoothly. One way to decrease the amount of things on your plate is to look into wedding event rentals — these rental companies are eager to supply your party with first-rate furnishings, excellent food and drink service gear, and decorations straight out of a fancy wedding catalog.

Tables and Chairs

Most weddings have a particular theme, and whether that theme is expressed in terms of a color scheme or a ‘Back to the Future’ replica set, the table and chairs will have to match the other decorations. Event rental companies have distinct pairings that they recommend to wedding planners, and each set of table and chairs is unique in its look. After deciding on the proper design for the seating arrangements, planners can also rent wedding bars and stools, serving tables, and cocktail tables for appetizers and drinks.

Place Setting Rentals

It is easy to lose track of the minutiae of a wedding — so many massive things are going on that planners forget that hungry guests need forks and knives. Event rental companies have excellent table settings that can fit any mood; whether you are trying to evoke old Hollywood or the glamorous 1920s with elaborately decorated silverware or simply trying to coast through on a limited budget, they will have every item that you need. Other assorted serving items, such as food trays, glassware, and plates are sure to be available in large quantities as well.

Exterior and Interior Decorations

Wedding event rental businesses often supply clients with the tools they need to stage a proper outdoor wedding. Obviously, the most important piece of necessary equipment is a tent, but other items like proper carpeting and restroom facilities are also quite essential. In any case, whether the wedding is inside or outside, the tent or banquet hall must be decorated with streamers, glittery facades, signs and posters to convey the joy and gravity of the event. Event rental companies can advise you on the appropriate decorative flourishes to add a bit of pizzazz to your wedding, and they can procure other embellishments that you didn’t even know you needed!

Being a wedding planner is difficult work, but working with a passionate and knowledgeable rental company can transmute that difficulty into pleasure. Wedding event rentals are more important than ever these days, and it is worth doing a bit of online and word-of-mouth research to find your dream company!