The holiday season is almost here, and most Canadians are planning their trips both locally and abroad. It’s a big country. There’s a lot to do including the many excellent places to visit and have fun. The only downside to holiday trips especially in the holiday seasons is car hire problems. For instance, let’s take a popular tourist destination like Sydney. Car hire trends are highly unpredictable. Price fluctuation is a norm when it comes to car hire; it could be 50 dollars in one minute and 300 dollars in the next! According to industry experts, the trends are normal. The following tips will help you score a better bargain and avoid inconveniences during your trip.

Go For Less Obvious Brands

Most people like to get their services from renowned providers, mostly due to their credibility. The problem with these companies is the unstable prices. Given a choice, opt to smaller car rental firms. They offer just about the same quality of services at a lower price. Their only downside is that they are situated a little far from the airport.

Don’t Rent At the Airport

If you rent a car at the airport, about a quarter of the cost of renting that car is airport tax. Airport tax is only charged to agencies that pick up, and not the ones that only drop off. By picking up your rental car away from the airport, you can save yourself a significant amount of money. The good thing is that the agency will pick up the car at the airport as you leave.

Rent For Longer Periods

Logic dictates that hiring a car for two days should be cheaper than hiring the same car for say a week or so. Well, that’s not always the case. People on official business trips tend to hire vehicles for shorter periods and are not as price sensitive as their leisure trip counterparts. Companies in the car rental services are aware of this trend and adjust rates accordingly. You can take advantage of this trend too and hire the car for longer periods.

Avoid Prepaid Car Hire Services

Don’t book a prepaid car hire service. Car hire prices are subject to frequent price fluctuations as mentioned earlier in the article. Yes, they promise a small discount for prepaid rentals, but it may turn out not to be worth it. Prices may drop before you go for your trip.

These tips are not only meant for car hire services, but they also apply to all Canadian cities, provinces, and pretty much everywhere else in the world. Car hire is a tricky service and could result in upset, frustration, and anger if not handled appropriately.