New Regulations Could Spell Trouble For E-Cigs


The Food and Drug Administration recently announced new regulations that went into effect in early August of 2016. These regulations essentially attempt to allow the FDA to enforce which products are available to those who prefer electronic cigarettes over standard tobacco cigarettes. Every product must now be approved and regulated by the FDA in order to be legally sold in a vape shop or other store that might supply electronic cigarettes or their components. The FDA claims these laws are meant to help prevent the devices from reaching the hands of children, however the vape industry has already created self-imposed regulations that adequately prevent anyone under the age of 18 from purchasing these devices. These regulations could have a severe impact on the e-cig market for both the United States and Canada.

What These New Regulations Mean

If these regulations aren’t changed and they are enforced to the fullest extent of the law, it could result in the closure of tens of thousands of vape shops across the United States. Vape shops themselves won’t just be affected, but manufacturers who can’t afford the insane $3-5 million price tag for FDA approval of a single product will be forced to close. Unless something drastic changes, the entire electronic cigarette industry in the United States and Canada could cease to function as it does now. The majority of the e-cigs sold in Canada are sourced from the United States since the devices are technically illegal in Canada. There is very little enforcement of that illegality, which is why so many Canadian stores sell these devices. Any regulations that prevent the United States from producing or manufacturing e-cigs will also affect the devices sold to Canada from the United States. A number of prominent brands that are popular in Canada may no longer be available in the coming years.

How Will This Affect Vape Users?

If these new regulations are followed to the letter, vape users from Canada or the US may find themselves without a supplier for their products, whether it be the electronic cigarettes themselves of the e-liquids that refill them when they are empty. If this comes to pass, it could mean that a multitude of vape users who have successfully transferred away from tobacco cigarettes will be forced to either quit nicotine altogether or return to tobacco cigarettes. Interestingly enough, these regulations could mean a major upswing in the recently deteriorating sales of the Big Tobacco companies. The very fact that this is a side-effect of these new regulations should throw up major red flags, especially since it has been scientifically proven that electronic cigarettes are 95 percent safer than tobacco cigarettes. Vape users should remain vigilante if they want to continue using their devices. For more information, visit the DashVapes website.

How to Deal With the Fluctuating Nature of Car Rental Costs


The holiday season is almost here, and most Canadians are planning their trips both locally and abroad. It’s a big country. There’s a lot to do including the many excellent places to visit and have fun. The only downside to holiday trips especially in the holiday seasons is car hire problems. For instance, let’s take a popular tourist destination like Sydney. Car hire trends are highly unpredictable. Price fluctuation is a norm when it comes to car hire; it could be 50 dollars in one minute and 300 dollars in the next! According to industry experts, the trends are normal. The following tips will help you score a better bargain and avoid inconveniences during your trip.

Go For Less Obvious Brands

Most people like to get their services from renowned providers, mostly due to their credibility. The problem with these companies is the unstable prices. Given a choice, opt to smaller car rental firms. They offer just about the same quality of services at a lower price. Their only downside is that they are situated a little far from the airport.

Don’t Rent At the Airport

If you rent a car at the airport, about a quarter of the cost of renting that car is airport tax. Airport tax is only charged to agencies that pick up, and not the ones that only drop off. By picking up your rental car away from the airport, you can save yourself a significant amount of money. The good thing is that the agency will pick up the car at the airport as you leave.

Rent For Longer Periods

Logic dictates that hiring a car for two days should be cheaper than hiring the same car for say a week or so. Well, that’s not always the case. People on official business trips tend to hire vehicles for shorter periods and are not as price sensitive as their leisure trip counterparts. Companies in the car rental services are aware of this trend and adjust rates accordingly. You can take advantage of this trend too and hire the car for longer periods.

Avoid Prepaid Car Hire Services

Don’t book a prepaid car hire service. Car hire prices are subject to frequent price fluctuations as mentioned earlier in the article. Yes, they promise a small discount for prepaid rentals, but it may turn out not to be worth it. Prices may drop before you go for your trip.

These tips are not only meant for car hire services, but they also apply to all Canadian cities, provinces, and pretty much everywhere else in the world. Car hire is a tricky service and could result in upset, frustration, and anger if not handled appropriately.

Dress Up Your Look With Cool Fanny Packs


If you have heard that fanny packs are making a comeback, you are not alone. At one time, these side satchels had a bad reputation for being worn only by fashioned-challenged individuals or senior citizens, but more often now, you may notice that they are being worn by young hipsters, athletic enthusiasts and others. If you want to join the crowd by dressing up your look with fanny packs this season, consider these points.

👗 How to Use Your Fanny Pack

Before you make the decision to invest in a new pack, consider how you can use it. Most commonly, they are used to replace a purchase or wallet. It is much more convenient and comfortable to wear a pack strapped around the waist than to deal with wallets and purposes. Some people will store their cell phone, car keys, wallet and other items in them, and this is because they are more secure to use than wallets and purses. Athletic enthusiasts may use them to store their phone and keys, but they also can conceal snacks and even first aid supplies.

👗 How to Wear Fanny Packs

How you choose to wear a fanny pack is important, and there are different ways that each have an altogether cool appearance to them. The most traditional option is to wear fanny packs in the front of your body right in the center of your belly. A variation of this is to have the pack sag down slightly so that the strap is over the hips rather than around the waist. Other people will wear their pack off-center, straight on the side or in the back. How you wear your pack will be a point of comfort and convenience for you. Bear in mind that there is no wrong way to wear cool fanny packs.

👗 How to Choose the Right Fanny Pack to Wear

Before you can wear a pack, you need to choose the right cool fanny packs to buy. Keep in mind that these should be entirely functional for you, so look for a pack that has ample room for everything you want to store in it. Then, look at the style. These range in style from leather options that are high-end and sophisticated to rugged packs that are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and more. You can find them in all sizes, colors and shapes to meet your needs.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can wear cool fanny packs that can be both comfortable and convenient for you. If you have not recently considered wearing a fanny pack, take a closer look at what options are currently available to dress up your look. There are valuable resources available at the Fanny Factory blog.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men: Wooden Watches


It is that time of the year again where people rush to different stores and shopping centers to buy gifts for their loved ones. Every year, we are challenged to find something that would really stand out and at the same time, would be very useful. On top of that, finding a Christmas gift for men is especially difficult. However, there is one thing you can give them that is not only unique, but is also extremely useful: wooden watches.


Stylists always say, “A man’s watch is a sign of taste.” This means that you have to be very careful when buying a watch for a man. It is something that should be of quality and should not be a knock-off. Fortunately, wooden watches are high-quality and pleasing to the eye. They’re also especially known for their good use of wood embedded with high-end materials that showcase a relevant and classy look while being powerful underneath. Wooden watches have variations of colors and wood types that could represent both style and personality.


The value of the watch is also equally important. When we say value, it is the number of times you think they would use it and the potential feelings that could take place when wearing it.


Wooden watches have minuscule parts that are assembled by meticulous artisans that make them an “engineering marvel”. Each piece and component that makes up wooden watches is extremely complex and takes up space and weight. This means that when it is worn, it actually feels like a real watch and not just a toy.


In terms of looking for a wooden watch, Swiss branding is on top of the list. Whether it is “Swiss made” or carries a “Swiss movement”, quality and reliability are prominently guaranteed. The difference is that when a watch is assembled in Switzerland, it is allowed to carry the “Swiss Made” branding. However, if it is made with the Swiss movement but assembled elsewhere, it carries the words “Swiss Movement”.


Tense wooden watches are specially made with the Swiss movement. They are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed wood that is powered by premium Rondo 6004D Swiss movement. Some watches also have the Japanese Miyota Watch Movement, which has been making waves in the timepiece industry in recent years.


Wooden watches have made a status symbol in the market. Wooden watches, especially by Tense, would make a great Christmas gift for your male loved ones and friends.

Planning a Tahitian Vacation to Explore the Land: What to Do

If you are looking for a unique tropical vacation where you can see the habitat of endangered species and enjoy interacting with animals, a Thailand vacation can offer these things and more. If you want a vacation that will provide you with sunshine and fun, spiritual insight and a chance to get in touch with nature, look at different Thailand vacation packages to see the different activities you can do. There so many different activities available, and you’ll be able to enjoy warm climates and great culture. Look into scheduling the following.

Animal Sanctuary Tours
You can go on animal sanctuary tour to see exotic and endangered animals like elephants, tigers, monkeys and other species. These sanctuaries are safe places where the animals can live, breed, and be cared for by humans in an attempt to preserve their species and ways of life. You can see the animal’s day to day activities, and with these Thailand tours you can understand how important it is to fund the efforts to keep these sanctuaries alive.
Spiritual Retreats
Schedule a spiritual retreat to clear the mind and to find inner peace. There are several places of worship where you can go and explore the rich history and culture of Thailand, and to witness spiritual services performed at local temples. These spiritual retreats offer some time to unwind during the vacation, so when you return home you feel mentally and physically rested.
Local Markets and Food Tasting
There is no better way to learn the culture and understand how the people in Thailand live than to go and shop at the same markets that the locals do, and to eat at the same venues. You can find a resort that will put you in the heart of a local town, so you can see the country as the locals see it every day. There are beachside restaurants, food trucks and several outdoor dining experiences to enjoy.
If you are looking for Thailand vacation packages that include all these things so you can truly explore the land and the country, you’ll want to be sure to plan the vacation in advance and find an agent that can help you book accordingly. Once you get into the country you’ll find there is so much more for you to explore and enjoy, so you’ll want to keep a few free days open just to lounge on the beach and wander. More resources are available at Tour East if you would like to learn more.

Renting Supplies and Equipment for Your Upcoming Event


An event is on the calendar, and you want to make it absolutely spectacular. However, party rentals and supplies may be needed, and it is necessary to determine whether it is more prudent to purchase or rent what you need. Some guidelines to assist in determining this include the following :

If the article in question will only be needed one time or very rarely over the space of several months, renting may be the best option. It may not be financially feasible to buy an item that is used so infrequently, and renting is only a fraction of the price of a purchase.

How much an item costs for special events may also be a determining factor. Obviously, renting a photo booth for holiday office parties will be your best route to go as it is very expensive. Party rentals such as special lighting and AV equipment for corporate events are also better options as they can be quite costly.

How much storage space you have may also have an impact on your decision. If you are planning one of many corporate events and need several portable bars, it may be impossible to find a place to keep them until your next big event. Renting them will allow you to have the most attractive and versatile equipment without the worry of where to put them or how to transport them to storage when all the festivities are over.

Sometimes larger items needed for special events may be too complicated for the ordinary individual or group of employees to assemble or operate. Many special events need outdoor setups, and this may often include the use of a large tent. You may need to use tents often but they can be very difficult to assemble and put up. Other rentals such as LCD projectors, lighting, and even margarita machines can be too complex for some individuals to operate. A rental company will have the professionals necessary to handle situations such as these.

When items are rented, you are given the option to upgrade or downgrade as necessary. For example, you may be planning a wedding for 400 guests, but a few days before the event, bad weather forces all out-of-town guests to cancel. It just takes a phone call to let your vendor know you will not need so many tables and chairs, and the pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Using this criteria to decide whether or not to buy or rent articles for your special events will assist you every time you plan large or small functions. The more parties and events you are involved with, the more this will aid helping you make the right decisions. There are online resources available at Hart Entertainment, which may provide you with more information.

How To Make Your Car Look Brand New


To increase the value of your car and improve its condition, it’s important to maintain your vehicle with frequent use. Although you can’t prevent your car from aging, you can allow it to look new again and restore its condition by buying auto parts online. To transform the quality of your car, there are a few important tips to maintain your auto parts Canada.

Wax the Exterior

Waxing your car will remove dirt and grime that has accumulated due to exposure to environmental elements. This will also create a protective layer on the car to prevent scratches from developing on the paint. Although the car has a protective clear layer on the paint when it’s brand new, the layer often wears off over time and can make the exterior vulnerable to blemishes. Waxing the exterior of the vehicle will also add extra shine that allows it to look new again.

Clean the Seats with Hot Water

One of the most effective ways to remove dirt and stains that have developed on the upholstery of the seats in the car is to use hot water. Avoid using chemicals, which can cause more dirt to be attracted to the fabric. Slowly vacuum the hot water, which will restore the condition of the upholstery and can improve its color.

Clean the Headlights

Over time, the headlights are known to become foggy due to dirt and environmental elements that accumulate on the plastic composite headlamps. Remove the foggy residue by using an old toothbrush and toothpaste while gently brushing away the film. This will improve the illumination of the headlights and will increase the condition of the exterior.

Use Touch Up Paint

Touch up paint will remove small scratches and chips on your car to improve its appearance. Use the paint sparingly on areas that are not severe enough to take to a professional. Avoid using it on areas that have severe damage, which will require that you replace the parts.

Replace the Tires

Many people wait too long to replace their tires, which can increase the risk of an accident and also causes the car to look older. Replace the tires for better performance and to improve the condition of your vehicle. Use larger tires, which will create an impressive style that will change the overall appearance.

Clean the Windshield Wiper Blades

Keeping your windshield wipers clean throughout the week can increase your visibility and also allow the car to look newer. Use a solution of 1/4 cup of household ammonia to 1 quart of cold water and wipe it on each blade after gently lifting it off of the glass. Wipe the blades dry with a clean paper towel to avoid streaking.


Long Distance Moving Tips


Long distance moving is stressful, frustrating, and tiring. Although it’s difficult for most people to enjoy the moving process, there are several steps you can take to make everything run more smoothly, from packing to choosing movers to arriving at your new home. Here are six tips for your long distance move:

Plan Ahead

Many people are procrastinators by nature, but procrastinating on your move can end in disaster. About two months before your move, you should start sorting through your belongings to determine what to keep or throw away, and you should begin researching long distance movers. You should begin packing at least a month before your move, and everything should be packed, cleaned, and sorted before your moving day. Create a checklist for the days leading up to your move so you can be sure not to forget anything.

Get Proper Insurance

Regardless of how top-notch and reliable your moving company is, there is always a risk of damage to your belongings when you move across the country. You can either insure your belongings for part of their value, or you can purchase full-value coverage. The best type of coverage for you depends on how many valuable and breakable items you plan to move.

Label Everything

Labeling boxes with the room the contents belong in is a common practice when moving, but you should also label boxes with their specific contents. After a long distance move, having to search through five boxes labeled “kitchen” before finding the exact box you’re searching for can be frustrating. Also, consider labeling all your boxes with your name to prevent them from being lost or misplaced by a moving company.

Maximize Space

You can take several small steps to maximize space in a moving van. The best way to maximize space is to simply take fewer items. If you haven’t used an item in more than a year, you probably won’t need it at your new home. When possible, leave drawers in dressers or desks filled with lightweight items. You can also pack soft items like clothes, blankets, and pillows into trash bags that can fill any empty spaces between boxes.

Get Free Boxes

Finding free boxes is an easy way to save some money during your move. You can ask grocery or retail stores whether they have spare boxes you can use, or you can ask local moving companies if you can take their used boxes. Boxes from moving companies are often sturdier and more reliable for moving than normal cardboard boxes from other stores. You can learn more information at Premiere Van Lines.

How To Make Your Wedding Look Great


There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding, and so little time to get everything together. A wedding planner must ensure that the venue itself looks beautiful, that the wedding party and guests are satisfied with the arrangements, and that everything in the ceremony and reception runs smoothly. One way to decrease the amount of things on your plate is to look into wedding event rentals — these rental companies are eager to supply your party with first-rate furnishings, excellent food and drink service gear, and decorations straight out of a fancy wedding catalog.

Tables and Chairs

Most weddings have a particular theme, and whether that theme is expressed in terms of a color scheme or a ‘Back to the Future’ replica set, the table and chairs will have to match the other decorations. Event rental companies have distinct pairings that they recommend to wedding planners, and each set of table and chairs is unique in its look. After deciding on the proper design for the seating arrangements, planners can also rent wedding bars and stools, serving tables, and cocktail tables for appetizers and drinks.

Place Setting Rentals

It is easy to lose track of the minutiae of a wedding — so many massive things are going on that planners forget that hungry guests need forks and knives. Event rental companies have excellent table settings that can fit any mood; whether you are trying to evoke old Hollywood or the glamorous 1920s with elaborately decorated silverware or simply trying to coast through on a limited budget, they will have every item that you need. Other assorted serving items, such as food trays, glassware, and plates are sure to be available in large quantities as well.

Exterior and Interior Decorations

Wedding event rental businesses often supply clients with the tools they need to stage a proper outdoor wedding. Obviously, the most important piece of necessary equipment is a tent, but other items like proper carpeting and restroom facilities are also quite essential. In any case, whether the wedding is inside or outside, the tent or banquet hall must be decorated with streamers, glittery facades, signs and posters to convey the joy and gravity of the event. Event rental companies can advise you on the appropriate decorative flourishes to add a bit of pizzazz to your wedding, and they can procure other embellishments that you didn’t even know you needed!

Being a wedding planner is difficult work, but working with a passionate and knowledgeable rental company can transmute that difficulty into pleasure. Wedding event rentals are more important than ever these days, and it is worth doing a bit of online and word-of-mouth research to find your dream company!

Baby Shows


A baby expo is a family oriented environment exhibiting products and services for expectant parents, new parents and baby shower organizers. Grandparents, moms, and dads of young ones also benefit from such conventions. Bringing a newborn into the earth is a dream for many. Parents attain status, honor and responsibility upon delivery. It is, therefore, vital for parents to acquire knowledge on the child’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being from birth through to their early years. Such information empowers guardians to make right choices for their families that ensure an upright livelihood for their children. Baby conventions provide a good avenue to learn and develop as a parent. Attending baby exhibitions can only be beneficial to expectant parents.

Many expos are lined up over the coming months. Shows on the horizon may include Toronto Spring, Toronto Fall, and Ottawa. Specifically, Saturday, October 1, 2016, is a date to bookmark with a convention being held at the Enercare Centre Hall D Exhibition Place from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Information on Upcoming Shows
The baby exhibitions expected in Toronto is a most informative and comprehensive parental baby show to learn. Shows are a good medium to converse with baby experts in attendance while also attend free seminars. Parents learn about the latest baby products and how to best take care of oneself and the baby from pregnancy to delivery. Furthermore, the best new products are on sale in one convenient store. Massages complement parents in attendance while they get invaluable advice from parental experts.

Exhibitor Information
Exhibitors who earn booths at the expo get an opportunity to reach their markets. The baby show is made different than other kinds of parenting seminars due to the exhibitions displayed. Statistically, over the past shows, 71 percent of the attendees were below 35 years old with 71 percent of them being pregnant for the first time. Most of the attendees made a purchase. These statistics just prove that items displayed are of high quality hence the demand.
Visitor Expectations

Guests at the baby exhibition must expect a most enriching seminar. Exhibitors showcase products and services to the visitors in attendance. Several yoga classes provide learning sessions about infant massage, infant CPR demos and baby fitness demonstrations. Seminars allow expert speakers to give direction on the most recommendable parenting practices.

The most important years of a toddler range between birth and five years of age. Parents must be well equipped with knowledge on how best to handle their young ones. Baby exhibitions through expert presentations promote parenthood for younger families. Moreover, parents attend baby seminars to purchase or research more on given purchases.

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